WW:Z concept art?

You can count me among the very few who weren't blown away by Max Brooks' "World War: Z." It came very highly recommended to me by a number of trusted people but I just never connected with it. I'd stop reading for a while, try to get back into it and just eventually put it back down again. That said, I'm still interested to see what they'll be able to do with the movie.

Today some concept art has popped up online that purports to be from the WORLD WAR: Z movie. That's about half true. It's not concept art that was actively developed by director Marc Forster for the film. It's art that was created on spec by Daniel LuVisi who was looking to secure a gig on the movie. When reached for comment, LuVisi couldn't confirm he was part of the production but strongly hinted that he may have been brought aboard. BUT that doesn't mean that Forster will wind up using this art for the movie. All that said, this is some pretty impressive work and if it winds up being used, could showcase a pretty impressive battle between the military and the zombies. Click below to see a bigger version at io9.

Extra Tidbit: If you look close there's a billboard for Forster's last film, QUANTUM OF SOLACE, in the background.
Source: io9



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