X-Files 3???

The last X-FILES movie didn't fair so well as most of you know, what went wrong? Well, looks like they might be trying to fix it, or not, in a third X-FILES.

The news come via Croatian website DNEVNIK.hr while Gillian Anderson was attending the Sarajevo Film Festival. Anderson spoke on her role as Agent Scully, "Of course I would play in the new film sequel for THE X-FILES." I would most certainly hope so, it'd be beyond wrong for anyone else to play the part.

But since when were they planning on making another X-FILES movie? The site indirectly quoted her saying it was go, 'The new extension is in preparation and should be filmed in 2012.' Okay...I don't really know how to feel about this. Until a director, writer, or something more official comes out, I'd be skeptical.

Sadly, I have only ever seen a couple of X-FILES episodes. I didn't watch the movies because I felt it important to watch the show before seeing the movie. All I know is that the X-FILES film that came out in 2008 had so much hype, but didn't deliver like fans expected it to. Maybe if there are any schmoes who are rabid X-FILES fans can explain that one to me.

Extra Tidbit: One thing I can be sure on is that Gillian Anderson is one foxy lady.
Source: DNEVNIK.hr



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