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Something very strange is going on up in Vancouver. X-MEN 2 has begun filming and the rumors are going crazy. Just this Monday, Vancouver newspaper The Times Colonist reported that actor Brian Cox would be starring as lead villain Stryker and that Kelly Hu would play Yuriko Oyama. Barely a day later this reported was refuted at numerous websites like Coming Attractions who said their source told them Brian Cox was not in X-MEN 2. Then today, straight from the horse's mouth, I get passed a start of production press release that states quite matter-of-factly, "joining the X-Men cast are award-winning actor Brian Cox (THE BOURNE IDENTITY, THE ROOKIE) as the villainous Stryker, a former Army commander who holds the key to Wolverine’s past – as well as the future of the X-Men – and Kelly Hu (THE SCORPION KING) as Stryker’s assistant, Yuriko Oyama, who has her own surprises for the heroic team." Is anyone else confused?

I talked with AICN's Moriarty, who is the only person I know whose read the script, and we chatted about the issue. His contention always was that Brian Cox still in negotiations but not a done deal. He was more than willing to cede that if a Fox press release said it was so, it very well might be. We also discussed the mystery behind Kelly Hu's character. Is she Anne Reynolds, Lady Deathstrike or Yuriko Oyama. We may be getting into spoiler territory here so let me issue a big, all caps, bolded SPOILER WARNING!! before I get myself in trouble.

Still here? Good. Now I think I can safely say, using the information I got and the information Moriarty had, all the above. While the character's name has changed (for reasons which I'd love to get into but can't), she's essentially the same character. For official credits sake, I would say she's "Yuriko Oyama" but that she's no different than Reynolds or Lady Deathstrike from the comics. They may be changing a few lines of dialogue here or there but the script's structure is solid, says Moriarty, so no major changes could be made.

I don't want to step on anyone else's shoes here, all I'm doing is reporting what I've heard and talked about with other people. Some things I'd love to divulge but I've been told on the down-low and can't. Is Brian Cox cast? I'd think it's pretty likely. Have we solved the Kelly Hu mystery. Probably, unless the character changes again. All this should be confirmed within a few days.....

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