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X-MEN 2 officially began production yesterday and the massive wave of rumors wasn't far behind. Before we delve into separating fact from fiction, we do know that the teaser site for the film is up and running. There really isn't much other than a logo and the 5/2/2003 release date, but check it out at www.x-men-the-movie.com none-the-less. Now onto the rumors...

Now, let me just say the majority of the confirmation/denial comes courtesy of Moriarty at AICN; the only man I know who read the script. OK, first off, the casting rumors of the central villain Stryker. A newspaper in Vancouver called the Victoria Times reported that actor Brian Cox (probably most famous as Hannibal Lecter in MANHUNTER but most recently starred in THE BOURNE IDENTITY) was cast in the role. Word is that while Cox is one of the candidates up for the part, no one has signed on to play Stryker. Expect official casting news on this front to come quickly.

The man who would be Stryker?

There's been all kinds of confusion as to what role Kelly Hu will play in the film. The official announcement said Anne Reynolds, Stryker's assistant, which jives with the character in the script. But Hu has been going around telling anyone who'll listen she's playing Lady Deathstrike. And to add more confusion, the same Vancouver newspaper from above claims she's playing a character named Yuriki Oyama. As we reported here earlier, Hu plays the character of Anne Reynolds. That character may share some of the qualities of Lady Deathstrike but it's not that character. Think a combination of the two. As for Yuriki Oyama, no one seems to know where that came from.

Who exactly is Kelly Hu in X-MEN 2?

Finally comes word of all these mutant cameos. We learned through the casting announcements that two of the new mutants in the film are Nightcrawler and Pyro. But what of all these reports of Gambit, Colossus and Beast? Well it seems that they are in fact true. While none of the characters have a lot of time in the film, they do appear to be there - at least in the latest copy of the script. Whether they make it to the screen or not is another story. Pretty exciting news, huh?

All in all there are a TON of reports coming from Canada regarding filming. Take everything you read with a grain of salt. Oh, and go see MINORITY REPORT this weekend for your first look at the X-MEN 2 teaser (as brief as it is). If that's not enough to convince you, you'll get looks at DAREDEVIL, SOLARIS and RED DRAGON as well!

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