X-Men 2 villain cast!

Hot off the news last week that Alan Cumming would play Nightcrawler, comes more X-MEN 2 casting - this time one of the film's new villains.  SCORPION KING star Kelly Hu has signed on to play Anne Reynolds, the second banana to lead villain William Stryker.  While Anne wasn't a major comic character, Stryker had a large role in the X-MEN graphic novel "God Loves, Man Kills" written by Chris Claremont.  Could X-MEN 2 be following that plot?  Another similarity lies in that both the movie and the book have Magneto teaming with the X-Men to stop Stryker.   In "God Loves" Stryker is a televangelist similar to Senator Kelly in the original film, only more devious.  He believes mutants are the servants of Satan and starts the "Stryker Crusade" to gain public support.  In the script for the movie (MILD SPOILER ALERT) he is described as being a man in his 60s who, in the beginning of the film, meets with the President to discuss a recent attempt on his life by a mutant (who, it is assumed, is under the mind-control of Stryker).  The role is Stryker is expected to be announced shortly.

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