X-Men Origins?

It doesn't seem like a possible X-MEN 4 is any sort of studio priority at Fox, but could the upcoming WOLVERINE and MAGNETO solo prequels serve as part of a whole new series in the X-franchise?

The X-Men Films Blog notes that, in addition to wolverineorigins.com and magnetoorigins.com, Fox has registered the website URL X-MenOrigins.com, lending to speculation that the WOLVERINE and MAGNETO movies could carry that subtitle. Or perhaps it's just the new name for the master of magnetism's story, which director David Goyer recently described as "the origins of the X-Men with Magneto and Charles Xavier". Or maybe it's going to just be their "catch-all" site for X-prequels.

Either way, we probably shouldn't expect an Origins trilogy, since those are basically the only two interesting major X-movie characters with any sort of history (although I'd pay cake for a solo MYSTIQUE flick). But if WOLVERINE is a massive hit -- and if Jackman feels like popping the claws for a fifth time -- don't be surprised if the next time you see peripheral X-Men is appearing in a WOLVIE movie set after X-MEN 3.
Extra Tidbit: Wolverine's bottomless history is currently being chronicled in a monthly Marvel series that further tangles the character's endlessly convoluted origin.
Source: X-Men Films



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