X-Men Origins DVDs?

The direct-to-DVD flick is the new frontier, with ever-increasing budgets, production values and profit margins (for example, a GET SMART spinoff was shot simultaneously with the feature and will be released to stores when the movie hits theaters). And we know that the WOLVERINE and MAGNETO solo prequels will carry the X-MEN ORIGINS title. Do some addition and what do you get?

Rich Johnston over at the comic column Lying in the Gutters has already worked through the equation: Expect a bunch of similar films. Not only the previously mentioned "Magneto," now "X-Men Origins: Magneto," but a slate of films, including a number of lower budget DVD releases based on geek-favourite characters.

No further info is given, but Johnston is generally on target with his goss. Maybe I'll get my feature based on this sexy blue shapeshifter with the strategically placed scales and physics-fighting breasts.

It does beg the questions of how they'd handle the stories (possibly post X-movie stories with flashbacks?) and whether or not they'll pull from comics or only use the (Fox-licensed) mutants who only appeared in the X-movies... although there aren't many genuinely fascinating characters left to explore. I can't imagine there would be a huge interest in that porcupine guy who hugs people to death.

Who would you want to see?

UPDATE: A cryptic post about Juggernaut over at Joe Carnahan's blog lends credence to this rumor, especially when you consider he's doing a direct-to-DVD prequel to SMOKIN' ACES. Check it RIGHT HERE.
Extra Tidbit: Unless he got plunked into recent script rewrites, you're not gonna see Gambit in Wolverine's solo movie.



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