X-Men prequel writer

After rumors circulated for a while indicating such, director Bryan Singer himself confirmed he'd be returning to Marvel's mutants on the prequel X-MEN: FIRST CLASS.

Unsurprisingly, Singer and the fanboys' fave studio Fox will likely jettison everything done by the project's previous writer Josh Schwartz ("The O.C.", "Chuck", "Gossip Girl").

Jamie Moss (STREET KINGS) is the new writer given the assignment of bringing us younger versions of familiar characters at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, along with some brand new freaks. The story will also reportedly involve Professor X's earliest encounter with Magneto.

This will be Fox's third trip down the mutie origin route following their WOLVERINE and theoretical MAGNETO project (although his background will now probably be rolled up into this story), ensuring all the X-character rights can't revert back to Marvel Studios. Much to the sadness of comic fans who actually like the characters.

Singer will apparently make his fairy tale JACK THE GIANT KILLER before returning to the world of optic blasts and telekinesis.

Extra Tidbit: Considering the hundreds of mutant characters in the comics (and the shortage of decent codenames), do we really need original new characters for this movie?
Source: Heat Vision



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