X-Ray set for screen

Ask any man that likes boobs, thighs, asses, stomachs, backs, bras and panties what their superpower of choice would be and I assure you the majority of them would pick x-ray vision. Sure flying would be cool, and I would love to shoot lasers out of my eyes a la Cyclops, just to punish the girls that shoved me into lockers when I was little (last week), but 24/7 creeping on hotties? Yes please!

But alas, this is just a dream, so we'll have to settle for the third best thing--second being straight up porn. Third is X: THE MAN WITH THE X-RAY EYES, a film being developed by Spanish helmer Juan Carlos Fresnadillo for MGM, based on the 1963 Robert Corman picture. The original starred Ray Milland as a scientist who is near a breakthrough in X-ray vision technology when his funding is suddenly cut off. Desperate to show results, the scientist begins using eye drops that eventually cause him to lose control over his growing powers. Gee how awful. Fresnadillo hasn't directed a film since 2007's 28 WEEKS LATER, but if he doesn't skimp on the naked broads, I'm sure we'll all be happy.
Extra Tidbit: What one woman would you apply x-ray vision on?
Source: Variety



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