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Year One is "R"


The MPAA has upheld the R rating that it gave to YEAR ONE in spite of an appeal from Judd Apatow and Harold Ramis. Apatow, the producer, and Ramis, the director, appeared appeared the board looking for a more lenient rating but they had no joy.

In the comedy, Jack Black and Michael Cera play two cavemen who are banished from their primitive village and set out on an adventure across the ancient world. David Cross and Olivia Wilde are also involved.

And my personal opinion is that this movie will be hilarious. Just so long as Ramis kept a hold on Jack Black. Seriously, I like the dude when he isn't going crazy and outrageous, but when he is it drives me insane. If I was his director my instructions to him, no matter what the film or the context, would be:

1. Calm the f-ck down.
Extra Tidbit: Who do you prefer, Jack Black or Michael Cera?
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