Yet another Frankenstein film on the way?

It seems that the success (??) of THE WOLFMAN has sparked a new interest in the classic monsters. Universal is moving ahead with a new DRACULA film and just recently it was announced that I, FRANKENSTEIN got a greenlight. Now it looks we've got a new Frankenstein film in the works.

X-MEN producer Ralph Winter is developing a modern-day film based on the FRANKENSTEIN series by author Dean Koontz. In this version, instead of creating a monster out of human body parts, Dr. Frankenstein is using "synthetic biology" with knowledge and behavior downloaded into their brain. SpoooOOOoooky!

Koontz's series has spanned three novels and was later adapted into a comic book series. They follow the wacky misadventures of Frankenstein's new monster Deucalion and the detectives who encounter him and begin to uncover the mad doctor's work.

Now I'm not a huge Frankenstein fan nor have I ever read these books but does this sound horrible to anyone else? No? Should I add that this Frankenstein's monster can teleport? While THE WOLFMAN wasn't a perfect movie, I thought it did some things really well and one of those was the throwback to the vintage Universal horror films. I'm all for fresh takes on material but this just seems stupid.

Extra Tidbit: Ironically, Koontz intended his FRANKENSTEIN saga to be a TV series for the USA Network. When that deal fell through he adapted it into novels.
Source: Variety



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