Yet another take on Snow White in the works?

In my humble opinion, the world needs another SNOW WHITE film like we need STAR WARS in 3D but regardless of need, it looks like another SNOW WHITE film is in the works. Titled SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN, the new take on the classic fairy tale was circling around studios yesterday with writer Evan Daughterty (HE-MAN), director Rupert Sanders and producer Joe Roth making a visual presentation of the project.

The new project would see the story focusing on The Huntsman who, instead of killing Snow White, lets her go and the two escape into the forest together. Before you suggest that the two begin knocking boots while Prince Charming is none-the-wiser, Huntsman is actually more interested in being Pai Mei to her Beatrix Kiddo, training her to fight back and survive.

As you might expect, Disney was the only studio who didn't invite in the trio to discuss the project. The studio is busy relaunching many of their animated fairy tales after the success of ALICE IN WONDERLAND. They're currently working on MALIFECENT with Tim Burton and Angelina Jolie, a CINDERELLA reboot and their very own Snow White tale called SNOW AND THE SEVEN (a film I feel like has been in development for the past eight years or so).

This new version plus Disney's version will also be in competition with another version in development that has Brett Ratner producing for Relativity.

Extra Tidbit: Googling Snow White brought up an extremely disturbing and highly NSFW Swedish cartoon. Search at your own risk.
Source: THR



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