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Yet another Toy Story 3 poster breaks out


If I wasn't so excited for TOY STORY 3 I might be a little sick of these constant posters for the film but because I can't get enough of Woody and the gang, well...I can't get enough of these posters of Woody and the gang.

The latest poster features the new tagline "The Breakout Comedy of the Summer," which is obviously a play on our favorite toys busting out of the daycare and back into Andy's life (I have this sinking feeling we'll see a grown-up Andy get married and give the toys to his kids). But what exactly are our toys so afraid of? Is it the kids at the daycare? Or something more sinister? Hmmm....

Click below to head to Empire to see the poster in all its glory!

Extra Tidbit: I'm so jealous the ShoWesters get to see TOY STORY 3 next week...
Source: Empire Online



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