Yet another version of Frankenstein is in the works

There's nothing quite like the classic stories... at least when it comes to transforming them into countless movie and TV projects.

Familiarity doesn't breed contempt in Hollywood, and so yet another version of Mary Shelley's macabre (and conveniently public domain) classic FRANKENSTEIN is in the works at Sony.

This one is early in the process, with writer Craig Fernandez (FROM PRADA TO NADA) spinning a contemporary version of an obsessed scientist and his horrific reanimated creation.

Meanwhile, Guillermo del Toro still wants to make a straight telling of Shelley's period horror story, and an adaptation of author Dean Koontz's modern "Frankenstein" novels (spun after a TV miniseries treatment) is also in the works, along with a noir detective comic adaptation called I, FRANKENSTEIN.

Additionally, filmmaker Danny Boyle is prepping his London stage show, which will have actors Jonny Lee Miller and Benedict Cumberbatch swapping the two lead roles on a nightly basis.

Extra Tidbit: Now that Hammer Films is back, I'd much rather see them handling the material...
Source: Deadline



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