You & Comic Con!

Only a couple of weeks left before the biggest event of the online movie geeks' year in the SAN DIEGO COMIC CON, which this year is running from July 26-29, and seems to be gearing itself up for one of the biggest years yet. The JoBlo.com crew is also rarin' its respective asses with at least 6 representatives there this year (and a couple of them might even remain sober enough to cover some of it), including me and the Arrow, Mike Sampson, Jenny Karakaya, Jim Law and Johnny Moreno. We may also have a few of our Cali folks there as well, so expect at least one JoBlo.com kegger and plenty of arrests for lewd conduct.

The COMIC CON website has posted its programming schedule and things are looking super-busy, as per usual. We're gonna try and get you guys some sweet interviews, fun video bits and plenty of pics from the events and the floor, and if you're going to be there, make sure you approach us (with weed) and say "Hey!" if you dig the site. I'll also be taking part in the Webmasters Panel on Sunday, and you can see more on that below. I've posted only the cool and/or movie-related items below, you can see the full schedule HERE. Hope to see many of you there!!

Thursday, July 26

10:30-11:30 A Fan's Guide to Comic-Con—Be treated to a humorous and comprehensive guide to your favorite convention as told by veteran attendees Wesley Strawther, Jesse Lopez, and Johann Joseph, each with over a decade of experience in attending the event. They'll be discussing how to make the most of your Comic-Con experience and how you can prepare better for the convention next year. First-time attendees won't want to miss this panel, and seasoned vets just might learn something as well. Room 8

11:00-12:00 Spike TV’s Scream Awards: Frak the Oscars!—Celebrate Hollywood’s often-ignored genres of horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and comic books with Spike TV’s Scream Awards. Hear several masterminds of the genres discuss the challenges, surprises, and future of these categories. Be the first to hear as the recipient of the 2007 Comic Con Icon Award is announced. And Spike TV wants to hear from you, the fans! Let them know your ideas for categories that should be included at the 2007 Scream Awards. Room 3

11:00-12:00 DVD Sneak Peak 2007—Bill Hunt and Todd Doogan of The Digital Bits.com, along with DVD producers Charles de Lauzirika (Blade Runner: The Final Cut; Twin Peaks: The Complete Series), Robert Meyer Burnett (Shoot 'Em Up, Valkyrie), and Javier Soto (Hellboy 2), offer exclusive sneak peeks of great upcoming DVD and high-def special editions in the works for release later this year. Exclusive footage from Blade Runner and Twin Peaks will be shown. Q&A will follow if time permits. Room 5AB

1:00-2:00 Rosario Dawson: Occult Crimes TaskforceActress Rosario Dawson (Grindhouse, Clerks 2, Sin City) is joined by her creative team, writer David Atchison and illustrator Tony Shasteen, as well as 12 Gauge Comics' Keven Gardner (The Ride) and Gus Vazquez, for a Q&A session about their hit comic series Occult Crimes Taskforce. With their first trade paperback in stores now and new stories on the horizon, the O.C.T. is just gearing up! Find out about the upcoming miniseries and get an update on Dimension’s Occult Crimes Taskforce feature film. Room 6A

1:00-2:00 Sideshow Collectibles: From Concept to Collectible—Get a behind-the-scenes look at the artistry and innovation involved in creating your favorite figures, statues, and busts, from Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Marvel Comics, and more! The Sideshow Collectibles Creative Team explains the development process and conducts a Q&A session. Room 10

1:30-2:30 Blade Runner and More—Syd Mead will be on hand in person to recall his experiences while working on the motion picture Blade Runner and to introduce his newest DVD release: Visual Futurist: The Art & Life of Syd Mead. The DVD takes the viewer behind the scenes and beyond the images he created for this film as well as Tron, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, private 747s, games, yachts, cars, and a seemingly endless list of major design projects around the world. Syd looks forward to entertaining questions and providing his unique perspective on topics of design for the film industry. Joining him will be Paul M. Sammon, author of Future Noir: The making of Blade Runner, the definitive book on its subject. Paul will add his own anecdotes about BR's creation while divulging new details about his brand-new Second Edition Future Noir, due for publication in late 2007. Room 6B

1:30-3:30 Paramount Pictures—Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks Pictures, and Nickelodeon Movies present a bold new vision for the future of adventure. Be here for a one-of-a-kind presentation put together just for the fans at Comic-Con as you get a look at such highly anticipated films as Beowulf, The Spiderwick Chronicles, Stardust, Hot Rod, Iron Man, and the next installments of Indiana Jones and Star Trek, plus a few surprises. Appearing in person: JJ Abrams, Robert Downey Jr., Jon Favreau, Neil Gaiman, Roger Avary, and SNL's Andy Samberg. Hall H

1:45-2:45 Stan Lee: True BelieverFeaturing the new documentary currently being produced that looks at Stan Lee's Marvel-ous life both then and now. The film explores Stan's broad influence on modern pop culture and will try to discover the secret to Stan's youthful energy! Join Stan Lee and other special guests for this event. Room 6CDEF

3:45-5:15 Lionsgate—Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Lionsgate’s biggest upcoming releases. First up, Jessica Alba (Fantastic Four), Dane Cook (Employee of the Month), Dan Fogler (Balls of Fury), and director Mark Helfrich take you behind the scenes of Good Luck Chuck. Then Jessica is joined by directors David Moreau and Xavier Palud (Them) for a haunting glimpse into The Eye. Horror master Clive Barker and the cast of Midnight Meat Train take you on a terror trip through hell. Finally, director Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw II, Saw III), Tobin Bell (Saw I, II and III) and the filmmakers of Saw IV invite you to play a game in the cruel and deadly world of Jigsaw. Hall H

4:45-5:45 Spotlight on George Romero—George A. Romero (Night of the Living Dead) is the undisputed master of zombie genre films, and Max Brooks (World War Z, Zombie Survival Guide) has written the best-selling zombie novels. Join these two titans of the undead as Max sits down for a personal interview with George, talking about everything zombies! Room 6CDEF

5:00-6:30 Lost Season 4—If the Lost finale was any indication of things to come, you will not want to miss this panel! Co-creator/executive producer Damon Lindelof and executive producer Carlton Cuse will discuss the exciting new season of ABC’s Lost, all leading up to the ultimate series finale. They’ll spotlight bonus features from the 3rd season DVD box set, preview the new Lost video game, take questions from the audience, and perhaps serve up more surprises. Ballroom 20

5:15-6:45 Sony Pictures Imageworks: Spider-Man 3 Triple Play—The leading artists on Spider-Man 3 reveal the creative challenge and technical achievement in creating the triple threat of the movie’s dangerous villains. For the first time, Imageworks produced fully articulated, performing CG characters entirely composed of dynamically generated particles and fluids. These digital characters, which embodied key-framed performance animation, interacted with each other and with live-action characters in real and synthetic environments. Academy Award–winning senior visual effects supervisor Scott Stokdyk, digital effects supervisors Ken Hahn and Peter Nofz, and animation director Spencer Cook, all of whom returned for their third Spider-Man, explore their experience in bringing these legendary characters and this series to life. Room 6B

6:00-7:00 FanboysFanboys is an uproarious comedy that follows a group of young friends on a cross-country quest to break into Skywalker Ranch and see Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace before it is released. Fanboys is a Weinstein Company presentation being released in theaters by MGM on January 18, 2008. Stars Dan Fogler (Balls of Fury), Sam Huntington (Superman Returns), Chris Marquette (Joan of Arcadia), and Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars) join writer/director Kyle Newman and producers Matt Perniciaro and Dana Brunetti for a Q&A session. Room 6CDEF

Nighttime Programs

7:15-8:45 The Pixar Story: To Infinity and Beyond—A look at Pixar, the amazing studio that revolutionized animation in a new film by Oscar nominated documentary director Leslie Iwerks (Recycled Life). The granddaughter of animation pioneer Ub Iwerks, Leslie continues the family tradition and legacy. Room 6CDEF

9:00-12:00 8th Annual Kung-Fu Superhero Extravaganza—Martial art movie master Ric Meyers is back with his annual clip fest of the wildest, craziest, funniest, and most amazing live Asian action you've ever laid your lacerated eye orbs on. As always, get ready to laugh, gasp, cheer, and maybe even grab a freebie or two. Last year was SRO, so don't miss out on the fun! Room 6CDEF

Friday, July 27

10:30-11:30 Star Wars Day: Great Star Wars Books and Book News—J. W. Rinzler, author of the recently released The Making of Star Wars, will hurtle you back in time for a one-of-a-kind behind-the-scenes look at the nearly decade-long quest of George Lucas and his key collaborators to make the “little” movie that became a phenomenon. Stephen J. Sansweet, author of the upcoming The Star Wars Vault, will talk about collecting the amazing, never-before-published artifacts that will be part of each copy of the new book. Finally, Keith Clayton (editor, Del Rey) will reveal an exclusive announcement on an upcoming Star Wars title from Del Rey and LucasBooks, just for audience members at Comic-Con! Room 1AB

10:30-11:30 The Art of Adapting Comics to the Screen—As the cinematic renaissance of comic book–based films continues, here's your chance to learn what it takes to adapt these dream projects to the screen. Moderator Jeff Goldsmith (senior editor, Creative Screenwriting magazine) hosts a panel featuring Stan Lee (Fantastic Four), Don Payne (co-writer, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer), Mark Fergus (co-writer, Iron Man), Kevin Feige (president of production, Marvel Studios), and Mark Verheiden (Teen Titans). Room 6A

10:30-11:30 Pixar Short Films Collection: Volume 1—Join three of Disney•Pixar's most talented filmmakers—Ralph Eggelston (Oscar-winning director of For the Birds), Andrew Jimenez (Oscar-nominated co-director of One Man Band), and Gary Rydstrom (director of Pixar's newest animated Oscar-nominated short, Lifted)—as they discuss the studio's acclaimed short films, with a Q&A session to follow. Room 6CDEF

10:30-12:00 Warner Bros.—Warner Bros. presents a sneak peek at some of its upcoming major film releases!

The Invasion is a nightmarish journey into a world where the only way to stay alive is to stay awake. The mysterious crash of the space shuttle leads to the terrifying discovery that there is something alien within the wreckage. Those who come in contact with it are changing in ominous and inexplicable ways. Producer Joel Silver appears in person.

In the supernatural thriller One Missed Call, people receive terrifying cell phone messages of their own final fatal moments. Stars Edward Burns and Shannyn Sossamon will be on stage to introduce film footage and answer questions.

In Whiteout, Kate Beckinsale stars as Carrie Stetko, the lone U.S. Marshal assigned to Antarctica, whose investigation of the continent’s first murder draws her into a shocking mystery. Now, with only three days until winter, Carrie must solve the crime before Antarctica is plunged into darkness and she is stranded with the killer. Star Kate Beckinsale appears in-person.

From writer/directors Larry and Andy Wachowski, the creators of the groundbreaking The Matrix trilogy, and producer Joel Silver comes the live-action, high-octane family adventure Speed Racer. Based on the classic series created by anime pioneer Tatsuo Yoshida, the live-action Speed Racer will showcase the kind of revolutionary visual effects and cutting-edge storytelling that have become the benchmarks of the Wachowski Brothers’ films.

In the all-new action comedy Get Smart, Maxwell Smart (Steve Carell) is on a mission to thwart the latest plot for world domination by the evil crime syndicate known as KAOS.

In Trick ‘R Treat, the tricks and treats of Halloween turn deadly as strange creatures of every variety—human and otherwise—try to survive the scariest night of the year. Mike Dougherty appears in-person to discuss his directorial debut produced by Bryan Singer.

Written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Dave Gibbons, Watchmen was originally published by DC comics as a 12-issue comic book series between 1986 and 1987, before subsequently being collected into a trade paperback. It is the only graphic novel to win the prestigious Hugo Award or to be named among Time magazine’s “100 Best English Language Novels from 1923 to the Present.” Director Zack Snyder will appear in-person to discuss the upcoming film and answer questions. Hall H

11:30-12:30 Star Wars Day: What’s New and What’s Coming from Hasbro—Come for first announcements about Hasbro’s products that you might not hear anywhere else, plus a special sneak preview of the 2008 product line. Meet members of Hasbro’s Star Wars marketing and design teams, the talented people who work on the company’s Attacktix, Titanium, and Star Wars action figure line. Q&A time included! Room 1AB

12:15-1:15 Stargate SG-1: The Movie—It’s been barely a month since television’s longest-running sci-fi series aired its final episode, yet the SG-1 team is already embarking on a perilous new mission—to recover the Ark of Truth with the hopes that the power locked inside the ancient artifact will loosen the grip of the Ori army on our galaxy. Never-before-seen footage from the new direct-to-video movie (from Fox Home Entertainment) will be followed by a Q&A session. Participants include SG-1 stars Ben Browder (as Cameron Mitchell), Amanda Tapping (as Samantha Carter), Michael Shanks (as Daniel Jackson), Christopher Judge (as Teal’c) and executive producer/director Robert Cooper. Ballroom 20

12:15-2:00 Twentieth Century Fox—Twentieth Century Fox “jumps” into Comic-Con with exclusive looks at some of the most-anticipated movie events of 2007 and 2008. In the epic action-adventure Jumper, a genetic anomaly allows a young man to teleport himself anywhere. The film, opening February 15, 2008, starring Hayden Christensen, Rachel Bilson, Jamie Bell, and Samuel L. Jackson, is directed by Doug Liman. The cast and filmmakers will screen footage.

In Aliens vs. Predator, opening December 25, the iconic creatures from two of the scariest film franchises ever are back. 

Agent 47 hits the big screen, as Fox present footage from the long-awaited movie adaptation of the legendary videogame franchise Hitman, opening October 12. 

Vin Diesel stars in Babylon, A.D., the story of a mercenary hired to deliver a package from the ravages of post-apocalyptic Eastern Europe to a destination in the teeming megalopolis of New York City. Opening February 29, 2008.

From Fox-Walden comes The Dark Is Rising (opening October 5), based on the classic science fiction novel about Will Stanton, a young man who learns he is the last of a group of warriors who have dedicated their lives to fighting the forces of the Dark. Filmmakers and cast will present exclusive footage from the film.

City of Ember (opening October 10, 2008) is a mystical city of lights. But now the city is growing dark and two of its teenagers will need to unlock an ancient mystery and help the citizens escape before the lights go out forever. Director Gil Kenan (Monster House) has put together an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the film. Hall H

12:30-1:30 Star Wars Day: LucasArts—Celebrate 25 of LucasArts videogames and learn about the past, present, and future by attending this panel with key LucasArts producers. See what LucasArts has in store, then ask your own questions in a Q&A session. Room 1AB

12:30-1:30 Vertigo: I Am LegendTop sf/comic book writers and artists Orson Scott Card, Richard Christian Matheson, Mark Protosevich, Steve Niles, Bill Sienkiewicz, David Levy, and Jason Chan unveil and discuss their contributions to the I Am Legend–inspired comic book, as well as master sf author Richard Matheson's enduring influence. The limited-edition comic will be available at the panel and at designated times in the DC Comics booth. Room 5AB

12:45-1:45 Sony Pictures Television/Kids’ WB: The Spectacular Spider-ManGet an early look at the stunning art direction and exciting storylines within the renowned webslinger’s newest animated adventures in The Spectacular Spider-Man, a Culver Entertainment production coming to Kids’ WB! on The CW in early 2008. Michael Vogel from Sony Pictures Television Animation will moderate a panel headed by supervising producer Greg Weisman (Gargoyles), producer/supervising director Victor Cook (Hellboy: Blood and Iron), character designer Sean “Cheeks” Galloway (Hellboy animated films), Marvel senior VP of creative development—animation Craig Kyle, and the newest voice of Spider-Man, Josh Keaton (The Young & The Restless). Room 6CDEF

1:00-2:00 Joel Silver: Return To House on Haunted Hill and MoonlightAcclaimed producer Joel Silver (The Matrix Trilogy, V For Vendetta, and the upcoming The Invasion and Speed Racer) and Spanish director Victor Garcia (El Ciclo, 30 Days of Night Internet prequel series) take you back to the infamous Hill House with Return to House on Haunted Hill, out on DVD October 16. For this highly anticipated thrill ride—the sequel to the 1999 number-one box office hit House on Haunted Hill—Silver and Garcia assembled a team of Academy Award–winning special effects wizards to bring the terrifying frights and sounds of the Hill House back to shocking life. Catch a world premiere sneak peek into the new horrors that await you within the House and preview the never before seen "Navigational Cinema" technology that will be featured on the Blu-ray and HD DVD version of the release, allowing you, the viewer, to control the nightmare. The panel also includes the stars of the film: Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator), Amanda Righetti (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation), and Cerina Vincent (Cabin Fever). 

Moonlight is a new series from Joel Silver and the producers of Angel and Beauty and the Beast. It stars Alex O'Loughlin (The Shield) as Mick St. John, a Los Angeles private eye with a dark secret: he’s a vampire. Using supernatural abilities to walk in the worlds of both light and shadow, Mick tries to atone for the wrongs of his past while contending with both his adversaries and growing conflict within. The series also stars Jason Dohring (Veronica Mars), Sophia Myles (Underworld: Evolution), and Shannyn Sossamon (A Knight’s Tale). Produced by Silver Pictures Television in association with Warner Bros. Television, Moonlight airs Fridays at 9 PM ET/PT this fall on CBS. Room 6A

1:30-2:30 Star Wars Day: Robot Chicken Sets and Toys—As production designer for the Robot Chicken: Star Wars Special, Jed Hathaway researched and designed each miniature set with exact replication and utmost detail. In this discussion, Hathaway will explain the basics of designing sets, props, and vehicles for stop-motion animation. An in-depth behind the scenes video will show how his team brought the Star Wars universe to life and show various comparisons between the special and the original Star Wars Saga. There will be a 20-minute presentation video followed by a Q&A session. Room 1AB

1:30-2:30 24For the first time ever, the producers of the worldwide Fox phenomenon 24 come to Comic-Con for a discussion and Q&A about the hit series that rewrote the rules of television storytelling. Will Jack Bauer survive another harrowing day? Only executive producers Evan Katz, Manny Coto, and David Fury know for sure, and with any luck they’ll divulge that and a lot more about how they intend to reinvent the Emmy Award–winning drama in its upcoming seventh season. Room 6B

2:00-3:15 Spotlight on Neil Gaiman—One of Comic-Con’s most popular guests returns to spend his weekend with you. Neil Gaiman talks about this busy year, including upcoming films Beowulf, Coraline, and Stardust (set to premiere Comic-Con weekend in L.A.), that little ditty called Death looming on the horizon, and tons of other great stuff he has in the works. Room 6CDEF

2:15-3:00 New Line Cinema: Shoot 'Em Up—A gritty, fast-paced action thriller, Shoot ‘Em Up kicks into high gear with a memorable opening scene and never relents. New Line Cinema will show exclusive footage from Shoot 'Em Up, and star Clive Owen, along with director Michael Davis, will be there to discuss the film! Also included in the presentation will be a special preview of New Line Cinema's upcoming films, including The Golden Compass. Hall H

2:30-4:00 Dimension Films: Halloween and The MistJoin acclaimed musician and filmmaker Rob Zombie (The Devil's Rejects, House of 1000 Corpses) and several cast members in a special preview of Zombie’s entirely new take on the highly successful and terrifying Halloween legacy that began in 1978. While revealing a new chapter in the established Michael Myers saga, the film will surprise both classic and modern horror fans with a departure from prior films in the Halloween franchise. Brace yourself for unprecedented fear as Zombie turns back time to uncover the making of a pathologically disturbed, even cursed child named Michael Myers. Halloween comes early this year—opening everywhere on August 31, 2007.

Writer/director and three-time Oscar nominee Frank Darabont, along with actor Thomas Jane (The Punisher) and special guests, presents a sneak preview of The Mist. Based on the Stephen King novella, this highly anticipated film will hit theatres on November 21, 2007. After a violent storm attacks a town in Maine, an approaching cloud of mist appears the next morning. As the mist quickly envelops the area, a group of people get trapped in a local grocery store. The people soon discover that within the mist lives numerous species of horrific, unworldly creatures that entered through an interdimensional rift, which may or may not have been caused by a nearby military base. Ballroom 20

2:30-3:30 Third Annual Valiant Comics Open Conference—Join Kevin Vanhook, Mark Moretti and Valiant fans across the world to discuss the Valiant Universe. Other past Valiant artists including Jim Calafiore will be on hand for an ask-anything panel, up close and personal. Celebrate the return of the Valiant Universe with the impending Harbinger: The Beginning hardcover next month. What else is in store from Valiant? Room 24A

3:15-4:45 Warner Bros. Home Video: 300 and Blade Runner Final Cut—First up, 300 creator Frank Miller, director Zack Snyder, stars including Lena Headey and David Wenham, producers Mark Canton and Gianni Nunnari, and other special guests are on hand to discuss the groundbreaking film and its highly anticipated July 31 DVD release. Be the first to see a clip not included in the theatrical release! Then it’s the 25th Anniversary Blade Runner "Final Cut.” Director Ridley Scott (Alien, Gladiator, Hannibal) has created a new, definitive version of this landmark film, with scenes and special effects that have never been shown before. Catch this first preview of the new version by the legendary director of the final, authoritative. and best presentation of one of the most acclaimed science fiction films of the 20th century. This presentation will feature unseen clips from the new cut as well as a look behind the scenes that will be featured on the upcoming DVD box set. The panel includes Ridley Scott, Sean Young, Joanna Cassidy, Joe Turkel, James Hong, Syd Mead (designer/futurist), Mark Stetson (FX), and DVD producer Charles de Lauzirika. Hall H

3:30-4:30 Comics to Film: TATUALegendary comic book creators Paul Jenkins (Wolverine Origin, Frontlines) and Rob Prior (Spawn The Impaler, Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV Show EFX) present their original new motion picture TATUA. Actors C. Thomas Howell (The Outsiders, Soul Man) and Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs, Thelma & Louise), and metal band Helmet featuring Page Hamilton (Unsung, Milquetoast) will talk about the movie and the unprecedented impact that comic writers currently have in Hollywood. Q&A will follow, as well as a video presentation on movie projects by Jenkins and Prior, plus the premiere of Helmet’s latest music video. Room 6A

3:30-4:30 American Dad—Seth MacFarlane and the entire cast of American Dad (Wendy Schaal, Rachael MacFarlane, Scott Grimes and Dee Bradley Baker) will read a classic episode of the hilarious Fox animated comedy LIVE for Comic-con fans! Immediately following the “table read,” exec producers Mike Barker and Matt Weitzman will open it up to questions from the audience, and will screen a sneak peek of a never-before-seen future episode. Room 6CDEF

4:15-5:45 Warner Bros. Animation: The Batman/Legion of Super-HeroesThis action-packed 90 minutes is split between two Warner Bros. Animation standouts: The Batman and Legion of Super Heroes. The Caped Crusader crew just picked up its fourth Emmy Award heading into a season that promises even more punch, courtesy of guest appearances from some Justice League pals. Supervising producer Alan Burnett (The Batman), producer-director Michael Goguen (Batman: The Animated Series), renowned voice director Andrea Romano, and the voice of Batman himself, Rino Romano, will discuss the upcoming surprises. LOSH enters its second season with double the action as the group adds new members—and a new ally from across the space-time continuum—just in time to face a daunting new villain. Producer James Tucker (Justice League Unlimited), director Brandon Vietti (Superman Doomsday), and story editor/writer Michael Jelenic (The Batman) will be joined on the panel by cast members Yuri Lowenthal (Superman on LOSH), Phil Morris (Seinfeld, Smallville), and Alex Polinsky (Charles in Charge). TV Guide senior editor Rich Sands will moderate both halves of the panel. Room 6B

5:00-6:00 Star Wars at 30 Years with Steve Sansweet—This summer marks the 30th anniversary of the Star Wars saga, and its indelible influence on popular culture. We’ve got 30 years of great memories thanks to the galaxy far, far away, but there are also great things to come, too. Join Lucasfilm’s Steve Sansweet for a little Star Wars nostalgia, a review of the 30th anniversary year so far, and a look at what’s new and what’s coming for Star Wars. Hall H

6:15-7:45 Kevin Smith—He’s back, and this time not even traffic can stop him! Comic-Con favorite Kevin Smith holds court in another of his no-holds-barred Q&A sessions, talking about just anything he damn well pleases. Hall H

6:30-7:30 Simpsons Fan Group Meeting—Simpsons collectors of the world unite! Take a break from the busy Comic-Con floor and get a chance to meet some of your fellow collectors of Simpsons merchandise. This gathering is sponsored by the staff of the SimpsonsCollectors.com website. Collectors from all over the country will be here. Meet the other Simpsons collectors that you see on the message boards and put faces to the names. This gathering is a great chance to network with other collectors from across the country and share your hobby with others. Room 24A

Nighttime Programs

7:15-9:00 Doctor Strange World Premiere Screening and Panel—Lionsgate and Marvel Studios present the world premiere of the newest Marvel Animated Feature, Doctor Strange, with a film screening and Q&A panel featuring Marvel’s senior VP of creative development animation Craig Kyle, plus members of the cast and production team. Room 6CDEF

7:30-8:30 Klingon Lifestyle Presentation—Last year the IKV Stranglehold lost a valued member of the crew after a traitorous act. Their current mission forces them to travel a path few return from to regain what they lost. All species are welcome to experience the ongoing voyage and adventure of life aboard a Klingon vessel. Room 6A

Saturday, July 28

10:45-12:00 The SimpsonsHaving just aired its 400th episode, The Simpsons has now released its first feature film. Join members of the team responsible for both and find out how they did it, including Matt Groening (creator and executive producer), Al Jean (executive producer/head writer), David Mirkin (former executive producer), Matt Selman (executive producer), Michael Price (co-executive producer), David Silverman (director of The Simpsons Movie), Matt Warburton (supervising producer), Don Payne (consulting producer), and Yeardley Smith (voice of Lisa Simpson). Moderated by Bill Morrison. Hall H

12:15-2:00 Rogue/Focus Studios—Rogue Pictures invites you to preview a few of their upcoming releases, including Balls of Fury (with appearances by Robert Ben Garant, Tom Lennon and Dan Fogler), The Strangers (with appearances by Liv Tyler, Scott Speedman and writer/director Bryan Bertino), and Doomsday (with appearances by Rhona Mitra and Neil Marshall), plus other surprise appearances and announcements! Hall H

1:30-2:30 Family GuyBack by popular demand, join creator/star Seth MacFarlane, showrunner/executive producer David A. Goodman and the creative team behind Fox’s number-one comedy Family Guy for an uproarious and uncensored hour of laughs and Q&A. Rumor has it they’ll even preview what is destined to become a Family Guy classic—this year’s season premiere episode, which retells the Star Wars story with the Griffins and their fellow residents of Quahog, Rhode Island, cast in the iconic roles of the legendary film. Stewie as Darth Vader? Victory shall be his! Room 6CDEF

2:15-4:00 Disney—Disney and Disney•Pixar showcase two upcoming films with this exclusive Comic-Con presentation!

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince CaspianWalt Disney Pictures and Walden Media present never-before-seen footage and a Q&A panel with the filmmakers of the second installment of the epic fantasy adventure series! Be sure to collect the exclusive Prince Caspian Comic-Con poster, designed by fans on Narnia.com, and selected by director Andrew Adamson!

WALL•EFrom Academy Award–winning director Andrew Stanton (Finding Nemo), WALL•E is the story of one robot's comic adventures as he chases his dream across the galaxy. Meet director Andrew Stanton and sound designer Ben Burtt (Star Wars) as they present a first look at Disney·Pixar’s next animated adventure! Hall H

2:30-3:30 Lost Fan Summit—Admit it: you're a fan of one of television's most intriguing and exciting TV shows: Lost. You've posted on the message boards, examined screen-shots, and played The Lost Experience with thousands of others you've never met. Now meet some of your fellow Lost fans face to face and celebrate Lost on the web! Room 24A

3:00-4:00 The Darkness Game—The Darkness is a PS3/Xbox 360 title from premier video game publisher 2K Games, award-winning game developer Starbreeze Studios, leading independent comics creator/publisher Top Cow Productions, and video game/film production company Union Entertainment. The Darkness is the first game to be released based on a Top Cow comic and one of the only comic book–based video games ever released without a related feature film to help launch it. The video game stays true to its source while presenting a fresh, frightening reinvention of The Darkness’ mythology. The panel, composed of the key creative forces behind the project, will discuss the triumphs and challenges of bringing The Darkness to comics, from comics to games, then back to comics, and maybe more. Room 8

3:30-4:30 Futurama—Matt Groening is proud to announce the long-awaited return of the animated sci-fi comedy classic Futurama! Matt and executive producer David X. Cohen will be on the dais, accompanied by writer Ken Keeler, animation directors Peter Avanzino and Dwayne Carey-Hill, and for the first time together on stage in any universe, actors Billy West (Fry), Katey Sagal (Leela), John DiMaggio (Bender), and Maurice LaMarche (Kif Kroker)! The cast and crew will entertain your questions and present a sneak peek at Bender’s Big Score! in glorious wide-screen format! Moderated by Bill Morrison. Ballroom 20

4:00-5:00 Mission: McFarlane—Todd McFarlane (Spawn, McFarlane Toys), R. A. Salvatore (Drizzt Do’Urden, 38 Studios), Brett Close (38 Studios president and CEO), Brian Haberlin (editor-in-chief Spawn Comics), and in a special appearance Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead and Invincible) talk about all the stuff about the McFarlane Companies that they can talk about in one hour, including company announcements. Room 5AB

4:15-5:00 Universal Pictures—Universal Pictures' presentation features a cast and filmmaker panel from one of its most exciting titles for 2008: Marvel's new take on cherished superhero icon The Incredible Hulk. In person: stars Edward Norton, Liv Tyler, Tim Roth, and William Hurt; director Louis Leterrier; and producers Avi Arad, Gale Anne Hurd, and Kevin Feige. Hall H

4:45-5:45 Dark Horse Presents: Joss Whedon—With the hugely successful release of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 for Dark Horse Comics, Joss Whedon (Fray, Astonishing X-Men) talks about picking up where the TV series left off, his other projects, future plans, and possibly even a few surprises. A sneak peek from the upcoming Serenity—Collector's Edition DVD will be shown. Ballroom 20

5:15-6:45 Sony/Screen Gems—This panel showcases three great new films from Screen Gems and Sony! First up, it’s zombie action at it’s finest with Resident Evil: Extinction. See the world premiere of the new trailer and meet the stars of this third and final installment of the Resident Evil saga, based on the wildly popular video game series. Alice (Milla Jovovich), now in hiding in the Nevada desert, once again joins forces with Carlos Olivera (Oded Fehr) and L. J. (Mike Epps), along with new survivors, including Claire Redfield (Ali Larter). On stage in person to take your questions will be Milla Jovovich, in her first ever Comic-con appearance, along with co-stars Oded Fehr and Ali Larter. Resident Evil: Extinction is in theaters everywhere September 21.

30 Days of NightSteve Niles and Ben Templesmith's vampire noir epic horror/thriller reaches the big screen under the banner of Sam Raimi's Ghost House Pictures. On hand to show clips and answer questions will be director David Slade, producer Rob Tapert, creators Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith, and stars Josh Hartnett (Sin City) and Danny Huston (Children of Men).

SuperbadProducer Judd Apatow follows his hit comedy Knocked Up with this highly anticipated look at the lives of several misfit guys on the eternal quest to find the right girl and prove that they’re not just bad, they're Superbad. Apatow discusses the outrageous comedy audiences have come to expect from him. Joining Apatow will be his Superbad entourage, including Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, director Greg Mottola, screenwriter and star Seth Rogen, screenwriter Evan Goldberg, producer Shauna Robertson, and possibly even Bill Hader, if he will only listen to reason. Hall H

6:00-7:00 Indyfans and the Quest for Fortune and Glory—Indiana Jones fans unite! Join the fans from the upcoming documentary Indyfans and the Quest for Fortune and Glory as they "moderate" this one-stop Indiana Jones information center for all the fans! Various "experts" will be on hand to embark on discussions about all things Indiana Jones, including the upcoming fourth film. And don't miss out on the Indiana Jones Trivia Contest; the winner will receive an Indy Magnoli Ceramic Holy Grail. Room 24A

Nighttime Programs

7:45-8:45 Comedy Central's The Sarah Silverman ProgramSarah Silverman (Jesus Is Magic) plays a character (aptly named Sarah Silverman) whose absurd daily life is told through an array of scripted scenes and song. In each episode, Sarah manages to fall into unique, sometimes unsettling, and always hilarious predicaments, with her sister—played by real-life sister Laura Silverman (The Comeback), her geeky gay neighbors Brian (Brian Posehn, Just Shoot Me) and Steve (Steve Agee, Jesus Is Magic), and Officer Jay (Jay Johnston, Mr. Show with Bob and David) never far from her side. Silverman, Rob Schrab (Monster House), Heidi Herzon (Jesus is Magic) and Dan Sterling (The Daily Show) are the executive producers. Join the entire cast of the Comedy Central hit series for a Q&A session. Room 6CDEF

8:30-11:30 GameTap Presents: The Comic-Con International Masquerade—Fabulous original and re-created costumes crafted by our talented attendees appear on stage before an audience of thousands. Outstanding costumes will be awarded trophies and cash prizes. Doors will open for audience seating at 7:45, but the line will start much earlier! Tickets will be required for seating and will be given out free to those lining up near Ballroom 20 beginning at 4:30. Our Masters of Ceremonies will be writer/artists Phil Foglio and Kaija Foglio of Studio Foglio, and halftime entertainment will feature a dramatic performance by the JING Institute of Chinese Martial Arts & Culture. Ballroom 20

8:30-11:30 Comic-Con International Masquerade Broadcast—Can’t get into Ballroom 20 to see the big show? Don’t worry about it! We’ve got you covered with two big 1,000-seat rooms broadcasting the Comic-Con Masquerade LIVE on the big screen! Rooms 6A and 6B

8:30-1:30 Comic-Con International Masquerade Party—Party into the night and watch the Masquerade LIVE via big screen projection. Dancing starts after 10:00 PM. Sails Pavilion

9:00-11:30 Buffy the Vampire Slayer 10th Anniversary Screening—Celebrate the 10th anniversary of Buffy the Vampire Slayer with a screening of two Buffy episodes, including the musical episode, “Once More with Feeling,” presented by Whedonopolis.com. There will be free keepsakes for attendees and a few other surprises! Stop by for some music, singing and "dancin' crazy." Room 5AB

Sunday, July 29

10:30-11:30 Archie Comics—Archie comics creators Craig Boldman (Archie newspaper strip, Jughead), Tania del Rio (Sabrina), Bill Galvan (Jughead & Friends), George Gladir (Archie, Betty, Betty & Veronica), Rich Koslowski (Archie & Friends, Jughead, Sonic), Dan Parent (Betty & Veronica, Veronica), Andrew Pepoy (Archie & Friends: Katy Keene, Betty & Veronica, Sonic) and staff members Victor Gorelick (VP/managing editor), Fred Mausser (VP/director of circulation), and Rik Offenberger (public relations coordinator) discuss upcoming plans at Archie Comics, talk about comics for kids, and take questions from the audience. At the conclusion of the panel there will be free copies of Archie Digest #236 for fans, while supplies last. Room 4

10:30-5:00 Kids’ Day Special: San Diego International Children’s Film Festival—Comic-Con is pleased to offer a full-day of special Kids’ Day film screenings in conjunction with the San Diego International Children’s Film Festival. The complete schedule is coming soon -- stay tuned! Room 10

11:00-11:30 Trailer Park—It’s a Comic-Con tradition! The very best in movie trailers, currently in—and some soon to be arriving at—your friendly neighborhood cinema. Ballroom 20

11:30-12:30 Emily the Strange—Are you Strange? Or maybe just Strange-curious? Do you prefer sun down to sun up? Do you wear black stockings in the summer and sunglasses at night? Are you a dork for the dark? Are you entertained by lots of stupid questions and even stupider answers? If you answered yes to even just one of these questions, Dark Horse's Emily the Strange Panel is the one for you! This is your chance to meet the creative loonies behind the world's strangest girl, get answers to your oh-so-dire Emily questions, and participate in some of the weirdest Comic-Con hi-jinks you'll ever experience. Attendees are required to bring a sack lunch, a bucket of licorice ice cream, six veggie corn dogs, two feral cats, and some eye of newt. Oh, and wear black socks or we'll all laugh at you. Room 2

12:45-1:45 PathologyFrom the creators of Crank, join Pathology writer/producers Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor as they moderate a killer panel that includes film director Marc Schoelermann and participating cast members Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes), Michael Weston, Alyssa Milano, and Lauren Lee Smith (scheduled to attend). Neveldine and Taylor will introduce first-look footage from the film exclusively for Comic-Con participants. Panel attendees have a chance to win a meet-n-greet with the Pathology panelists and an iPhone immediately following. Pathology is in theaters in November. Ballroom 20

1:00-2:30 Masters of the Web—Hosted by Tom DeSanto (Transformers, X-Men), reps from the biggest genre and movie websites come together to talk about how new media have affected moviemaking today, what it takes to run a popular site, and much more. Panelists include Robert Sanchez (IESB.net), Garth Franklin (Darkhorizons.com), Berge Garabedian (Joblo.com), Patrick Lee (Scifi.com), Ed Douglas (Comingsoon.net/Superherohype.com), Brad Miska (Bloody-Disgusting.com), Steven Weintraub (Collider.com), Devin Faraci (CHUD.com), Drew McWeeney (Aintitcool.com), Paul Christensen (Movieweb.com), Kellvin Chavez (Latinoreview.com), and Eric Moro (IGN.com). Room 6A

2:00-5:00 Comic-Con 2007 Masquerade Playback—Masquerade director Martin Jaquish reviews Saturday night’s big costuming event, answers questions, and presents a big-screen video of the show for those who missed it or who want a second look. Sorry, we cannot sell copies of the show. Room 8

2:00-3:00 Nicolas and Weston Cage Talk Comics—Academy Award winning actor Nicolas Cage is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, but he’s also one of us: a big-time comics fan. Nic and his son Weston Cage have created their own comic, Voodoo Child, published by Virgin Comics. Father and son will talk about their mutual love of comics and what it’s like to collaborate on this brand new book! Ballroom 20

2:30-4:30 Browncoats Fan Group Meeting—Browncoats are fans of Joss Whedon's Firefly and Serenity. Fans new and old are welcome to join the California Browncoats as they announce they prize drawing winners! Tickets for the drawing are available at tables, A7 and A8. After the winners are announced, stay to hear from some of the movers and shakers in the 'Verse as they tell you about upcoming events and products you'll really love. Be there for a special announcement about another joint campaign between the California Browncoats and Adam Baldwin. And last but not least, come to hang out with all the great Browncoats at the Con! Room 24A

3:00-4:00 Comic-Con Talkback II—If there’s anyone present who has a complaint, a comment, a compliment, or just an FYI about Comic-Con, here’s your last chance. Speak now or forever hold your piece. Comic-Con representatives will be present to hear your feedback. Room 4

Source: Comic Con



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