You Mother Trucker

Craig Brewer (HUSTLE AND FLOW, BLACK SNAKE MOAN) has signed a deal to write and direct the action-comedy MOTHER TRUCKER. The film is described as an updated take on SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT and I have to ask that if you're going to do an updated take on SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT, why not just make a SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT remake? This film though, which is based on a Maxim article written by Steven Russell, follows a man who escapes from jail, carjacks a tractor trailer and hightails it with the police quickly making chase. Brewer sold his pitch for the film to New Regency (MARLEY & ME) and will begin working on the script. There's no word yet on whether TRUCKER would be a SMOKEY-esque period piece or would take place in the modern day (trucking culture just isn't as prevalent now as it was in the 70s when it was practically a genre all to itself). Brewer has taken his time developing his next project since 2006's MOAN and wanted to try to find something that stayed within his signature style but was slightly more commercial than either of his earlier films. No word on when filming might begin.

Extra Tidbit: If you want a good trucker movie, check out Patrick Swayze in BLACK DOG.
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