You. Seagal. Clip.

Admit it. You heard that there's an exclusive Steven Seagal clip at Arrow in the Head and you kinda don't want to click. Steven Seagal?, you ask. He's lame and I don't have time for that. But then you think about it. You think about Seagal's ponytail, his terrible ties and bloated physique. You think about the movie, KILL SWITCH, and it's tagline "His Rules. His Way. No Exceptions." And suddenly you want to watch. Call it what you want - boredom, morbid curiosity, latent homosexuality - you want to see Seagal in action. Sure it's not HARD TO KILL (what is?) and sure there's no Kelly LeBrock but it's still Seagal. When has he ever let you down (the past 13 years not included)? Now all the sudden you can't wait to head to AITH to see the exclusive clip for yourself. You're actually...excited?

OK, maybe not but it is Seagal and it does involve Seagal needlessly beating up drunken locals at a bar. They're just dancing Steven! Just because they're in your way doesn't mean you have to punch them and flip them over a table!

Extra Tidbit: C'mon. Seriously. DO IT.
Source: AITH



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