You want movie clips, you got movieclips.com!

We used to run some of our favorite movie scenes in our JOBLO VIDEO section called "Money Shots" last year. Stuff like the "Show me the money!" sequence from JERRY MAGUIRE, the creation of the perfect woman from WEIRD SCIENCE or Christopher Walken going mano-a-mano versus Dennis Hopper in TRUE ROMANCE, but after a while...we ran out of time and we ran out of clips.

But recently, a new hipster website called MovieClips.com has hit the Internets featuring over 12,000 high-quality clips (more to come) and scenes from many of your favorite films (old and new) direct from the libraries of major Hollywood studios. While you're watching a clip, the site also offers up trivia questions about the movie, and obviously allows you to embed the clip into your own site/blog, comment on the scene or buy items related to the film. Also, call me a loser, but I like how you can actually start previewing the clips simply by "mousing over" the screencaps (you know, like porno sites). But don't sit around here reading my two bits about the site, head on over there and check that shite out for yourself. PS: Much like JoBlo.com, the dudes behind the site are massive movie fanatics, so you can't really go wrong with that...

Extra Tidbit: You can check out this year's Oscar-nominated movie clips via their blog RIGHT HERE.
Source: Movieclips.com



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