Young Indy on DVD

While the fourth whip-cracking INDIANA JONES adventure continues to lurch forward on rickety knees, his own younger self is finally making an appearance on DVD.

Paramount has let the news slip forth like a fearsome snake that the YOUNG INDIANA JONES CHRONICLES will finally ride onto disc later this year, likely as part of the (probably not necessary) marketing synergy for next year's feature film. The underappreciated TV series originally aired in the early 90s and featured Sean Patrick Flannery as the less curmudgeonly incarnation of the good doctor as he traveled the globe and learned about archeology and crap. The first of three volumes (for maximum profit!) is due in October.

There was buzz way back in 2004 that the beancounters would be “pulling a FIREFLY", tracking the figures of a DVD box set of the series to gauge the feasibility of a Ford-free flick… but the DVDs never arrived (for a guy obsessed with trying – I repeat, trying – to create “characters” from technology, George Lucas seems to despise the digital format).

Meanwhile, fedora fans anxiously await INDY 4 while the more rational of us simply dread the further convoluted treasure hunts and “comic relief” (see, it’s really his dog’s name! HAHAHAHAHA! Eh…).
Extra Tidbit: Frank Darabont wrote several episodes of the YOUNG INDY show, but found his (apparently quite excellent) script for the fourth movie jettisoned by Lucas, who likely demanded more clumsy dialogue and shitty FX scenes. Now hold me like you did by the lake on Naboo.
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