Young Scorpion King

A prequel to the amusing swords-and-sorcery adventure THE SCORPION KING (itself a prequel, making this a preeequel) is currently rolling before cameras, but it's Rockless and heading straight to DVD shelves, where the profit margin (and sometimes quality) is better anyway.

Taking over shirtless duty for Dwayne Johnson is former POWER RANGER Micheal Copon (there ya go, ladies) as the titular warrior in THE SCORPION KING: RISE OF THE AKKADIAN. Universal's mouthpiece Glen Ross says it's the studio's "most ambitious DVD Originals production ever in terms of the scope and quality of the sets, visual effects, fight sequences and stunt work," which must be where they're using all the money they saved on cast. Also appearing in the flick are Simon Quarterman, Karen David, recurring swordsman Ralf Moeller, and UFC champion battler Randy Couture as the villain.

The movie is directed by Russell Mulcahy (HIGHLANDER, RESIDENT EVIL EXTINCTION) and tells of the teenage years of heroic warrior (and eventual CG spider-thing) Mathayus.
Extra Tidbit: Couture also appears in David Mamet's upcoming underground fighting film REDBELT.
Source: Universal



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