Your own Star Wars movie?

Ever wanted to sit home in front of your computer for a few hours and insert footage of yourself into the STAR WARS movies? Yeah, me neither. But some people must wanna do that as Herr Lucas is updating StarWars.com with that very feature. Starting tomorrow the official STAR WARS site will feature hundreds of scenes from STAR WARS movies including separate sound cues and music themes that will allow fanboys to fantasize what it would be like if they were talking to Sio Bibble. You won't need any fancy editing suite to make this happen as the site will feature Eyespot, a new online video-editing tool that should make the process very user-friendly. As you'd expect, you'll then be able to post your video that features you in bed with a writhing, shirtless Anakin online and share it with your friends. Expect the service to be shut down shortly thereafter when a 13-year-old kid from Minnesota winds up editing together a better STAR WARS film than both RETURN OF THE JEDI and PHANTOM MENACE combined.

Extra Tidbit: Stephen Colbert held a similar "greenscreen challenge" and George Lucas submitted his own entry here.
Source: StarWars.com



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