Your review: D9

Back when we brought some lucky JoBlo.com readers to a secret screening of DISTRICT 9, I knew we had something special before it even got started. There was an electric feeling in the air, of a bunch of people who were really excited to see what was about to play before them. Of course an awesome feeling before a movie doesn't always add up to an awesome feeling after a movie. Luckily DISTRICT 9 delivered. And then some.

I've gone on record as loving the film and earlier this week, Chris Bumbray delivered his official review and gave the film a 9/10. We also covered the D9 panel at the Comic Con, and it's currently running a 94% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. But what did YOU think?

As we so often do, we'll be leaving this article and it's Strike Backs open all weekend long for you to post your very own review of DISTRICT 9. While the response so far has been overwhelmingly positive, feel free to post your thoughts even if you didn't like it. Please keep things spoiler free and no flaming people for their opinions or else you'll get tossed.

To close things out, I leave you with "Alive in Joburg," the short film Neil Blomkamp directed that got him the DISTRICT 9 job and served as the inspiration for the film, as well as our interviews with the gang behind the movie at this year's COMIC CON. Enjoy the movie!

Extra Tidbit: Been a pretty great summer for genre fans no?
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