Your review: DM2H & Up

This weekend two completely different movies hit theaters with the heartwarming animated film UP and the frightening horror flick DRAG ME TO HELL. While they're pretty much polar opposites are far as content goes, their quality seems to be very similar. UP has an average JoBlo.com rating of 10/10 (Chris' review and JimmyO's review) while DRAG ME has an average rating of 9/10 (JimmyO's review and Jenna's review). Considering so far this summer we've been let down by both WOLVERINE and TERMINATOR, the opportunity to have two such widely regarded films opening on the same weekend is a pleasant bonus.

As we'll do frequently this summer, we're leaving this article open all weekend to discuss and review the two movies. Talk about which movie you decided to see and why. If you saw both, talk about which one you liked better. Did you see UP in 3D? Would DRAG ME TO HELL have been awesome in 3D? We want your reviews on either or both UP and DRAG ME TO HELL in what looks like the best reviewed weekend of the year. The strikebacks will be open and all that we ask is that you don't get into major spoiler territory (and obviously respect the opinions of your fellow schmoes). Enjoy the weekend at the movies!

And just to get you excited for DRAG ME TO HELL (or creep you out if you're going to see UP), here's a clip from another Sam Raimi classic, EVIL DEAD 2!

Source: JoBlo.com



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