Yuma sneak peak

For all the bullshit that happens to spite movie lovers, it looks like something might actually have gone our way. Because word is that 3:10 TO YUMA - which will probably end up being one of the best films of this decade - is to be released for one day, on Sunday 2nd September. After this, the film will open on the 7th as originally planned.

If you guys aren't already trying to figure out what you're doing on the 2nd you should be, because this movie will be magical. I can usually take or leave any Western that doesn't star Val Kilmer as an alcoholic poker player, but this thing looks electrifying. It probably helps that Russell Crowe is a beast and that director James Mangold is coming off the back of the fantastic WALK THE LINE. Oh and Christian Bale's involved. I wonder how he will blow my mind this time. Plus, let's not forget about Ben Foster, playing a maniac for like the fourth straight movie; he does it so well!

Clear your Sunday schedules!
Extra Tidbit: There was a point when Eric Bana and Tom Cruise were in negotiations to star in this movie.
Source: The Movie Blog



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