Yup, Valentine's Day gets sequel

VALENTINE'S DAY doesn't even hit theaters until this Friday but Warner Bros. based New Line is already moving ahead on a sequel. Yes, a sequel. YES. A SEQUEL. Director Garry Marshall will return to direct NEW YEAR'S EVE, a spinoff-type sequel that will feature many of the same characters from VALENTINE'S DAY as they spend the night celebrating New Year's Eve in New York City.

Feel free to take as much time as you need to get your bearings together and I'll be waiting for you in the third paragraph.

Better? Good. So the current plan is to begin filming on NEW YEAR'S EVE later this year with a November/December release in 2011 planned. It's unclear which of the actors will be available/interested in returning for this new film but that any of them could should be a giant spoiler alert (hey, I was holding out hope they all died at the end of the first film).

If this film is a big success (and I have no reason to believe it won't be), what other holidays could be turned into movies? THE FOURTH OF JULY? ST. PATRICK'S DAY?

Extra Tidbit: Citing the lack of any kind of human dimension in VALENTINE'S DAY, New Line has decided to shoot NEW YEAR'S EVE in 0-D.
Source: Variety



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