Yup...Scooby Doo 2...

Here's the roller-coaster ride that I've been on since word that a live-action SCOOBY DOO movie was happening. First, I hated the idea. Then I really hated the casting. Then I saw some images that gave me a glimmer of hope. Then I saw the trailer which made me think it might not be so bad after-all. Then I saw the movie and I was right back to square one. Mucho props out to Matthew Lillard though for really doing fantastic work. The one character I thought I'd hate, I actually loved. Now the inevitable law of sequels states that no sequel (with very few exceptions) can be better than the original. So now that a SCOOBY-DOO 2 has been green lit and fast-tracked can we expect to possibly see a movie WORSE than the original? A truly frightening though. The movie is tentatively scheduled for a summer 2004 release. And now is when I go out on a limb and predict the nickname of the second film. DOO:2. Guaranteed. Colon and everything.

Source: Variety
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