Zac Efron's sex is on Fire

Having trouble getting that WANTED sequel off the ground? I've got an idea! You can just basically make the same film with a new actor and base it on another critically acclaimed graphic novel! Universal, the studio behind the hit action flick WANTED, has optioned the rights to "Fire" by Brian Michael Bendis and has set Zac Efron to star. The film would star Efron as an assuming guy who's recruited by a beautiful woman to join a society of secret agents. Sound familiar?

Now to be clear, I'm not knocking Bendis' book. For one, "Fire" was published about two years before Mark Millar's "Wanted." For another, the movie version of WANTED is verrrrry loosely based on the comic itself and if anything the movie was likely inspired by "Fire" than the other way around. But still, it's hard to take these two movies at face value and not see the similarities.

Bendis will take a stab and writing the script with Neal Moritz producing for the studio. Efron can be seen next in the Universal pic THE DEATH AND LIFE OF CHARLIE ST. CLOUD. As for WANTED 2, who knows if we'll ever see that one.

Extra Tidbit: Is that one of the stars of "Jersey Shore" or Zac Efron??
Source: THR



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