Zach Braff might be on his way to directing some Swingles next

It's been a good while since GARDEN STATE came out.

Since then Zach Braff has finished his run on SCRUBS and starred in a couple of less than memorable films. I had hoped that after his directorial debut with GARDEN STATE that perhaps it would challenge him to write something more ambitious.

During an interview with Time Out New York, Braff mentioned what he had coming up, "I’m hoping to direct Swingles soon. And I’m in the midst of [writing] my first original since Garden State. I’m also writing a play, because now that I live in New York, I’m infatuated with the theater." SWINGLES is a rom-com about a group of thirty-somethings finding their way through the singles scenes. Not to be confused with Cameron Crowe's SINGLES about a group of twenty-something trying to find their way through singlehood and relationships in the grunge era.

Braff re-wrote the script and Cameron Diaz was once attached, but there's no word if she is still on the project or not.

The actor was coy when talking about the original project he was working on saying, "Um, it’s too early for me to talk about the plot, but that’s something more in the Garden State oeuvre."

I was completely taken with GARDEN STATE when it came out. It was this gem of a movie that had Natalie Portman, Peter Sarsgaard, and an excellent soundtrack. Personally, I'd skip the rom-com, but maybe he will bring something special to it.

Extra Tidbit: "Sidecars are for bitches."



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