Zachary Quinto stepping away from Star Trek for 2 years

UPDATE: I got an email from site browser, Sergio today saying that Quinto cleared this all up on his site. Fear not Spock fans, it's exactly as I thought, he's still doing the sequel. Here's the link to what he posted on his blog: "To Clarify..."

Zachary Quinto made an interesting comment about his involvement in the STAR TREK universe. This comes thanks to a heads up from JoBlo visitor, Ardney.

“I’m stepping away from Star Trek for at least two years — no movies, no conventions, no anything for a while," said Quinto. The actor was doing an interview with Wired about contributing his voice to the new STAR TREK MMO, “I did this game to make an investment in the fan base."

A couple of weeks ago, we put out the news that the TREK sequel was getting a June 29th, 2012 release date. The actor didn't state whether or not this would have an effect on the second installment, but as far as we know he's still committed to it. Quinto seems to be interested in pursuing other projects until then, “I’m stepping away from that genre and exploring a lot of other territory." He also mentions that he hopes his fans, used to seeing him in more fantastical settings, will want join him. You can't blame the guy for wanting to branch out. “I want to invite them along with me on my journey, which is going to take them out of their comfort zone and into other areas and other styles of storytelling."

Quinto isn't much of a gamer himself, but his production company, Before the Door that was founded with the help of his friends are looking to develop television shows, websites, and several comic books for publisher Archaia. He says that some of the properties he's helping produce as graphic novels could be interesting games.

So, if you're looking to attend any TREK conventions in the next two years, don't count on seeing Quinto.

Extra Tidbit: I have never watched a full episode of HEROES. Am I missing out on something?
Source: Wired Game Life



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