Zack and Miri NC-17?

MTV recently caught up with Seth Rogen on the set of OBSERVE AND REPORT (don't worry JoBlo fans - we were there too and expect a full report soon...) and got him to dish a little on Kevin Smith's next, ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO. As you might expect, it seems like they're having a bit of trouble with the MPAA. Sez Rogen: "It's a really filthy movie. I hear they are having some problems getting an R rating from an NC-17 rating, which is never good." No that would not be good unless of course you're talking about free publicity, which in that case, it's pretty good. Rogen laughingly called the MPAA "dicks" and questions why "HOSTEL is fine, with people gouging their eyes out" but ZACK AND MIRI's love story is too much for them. The news should be no surprise to Smith who originally received NC-17 ratings for both CLERKS films. It's unclear if Smith and The Weinstein Co. will simply lobby the MPAA to change their mind or will need to make some substantive cuts to the film. Either way, Rogen has a solution: "It's my mission to sue the MPAA and take them down," though he sheepishly admitted, "I don't know how to go about doing that..."

Extra Tidbit: Smith once directed "Star Wars" toy commercials for Hasbro.
Source: MTV



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