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Zack, Miri, WTF?


I wrote and rewrote the intro for this video about 100 times and I'm having an increasing amount of difficulty describing what this is. Apparently Tony Kaye, who you might remember as the director of AMERICAN HISTORY X before Ed Norton had his way with him, filmed this video for Mean Magazine to promote ZACK AND MIRI. What goes on in the video is the subject of debate. Elizabeth Banks having an orgasm with a hula hoop. Seth Rogen dressed like a Puritan hanging from a noose. It's artsy-fartsy to the Nth degree. Here's the official description of the video:

Sex sells. Sex kills. Sex thrills. "This Is Not Sex" pays homage to the subject of the upcoming Kevin Smith flick,ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO, whilst taking you through a ride of sexual misperception through the lens of director Tony Kaye.

Suffice to say, it's something you just have to see for yourself.

Extra Tidbit: ..........WHAT???
Source: Mean Mag



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