Zack Snyder is now totally responsible for the new Superman

Fans of Christopher Nolan's Batman movies were likely thrilled that the filmmaker was expanding his vision to include another of DC's famous superheroes. But people expecting a hands-on collaboration between Zack Snyder and producer Nolan on the new SUPERMAN will instead find the WATCHMEN director is flying solo.

Hitfix caught up with Nolan's producer-spouse Emma Thomas, who said that her single-minded hubby will be fully concentrating on THE DARK KNIGHT RISES and that the script (from David Goyer) has been quite literally handed off to Snyder. As the site emboldens, Thomas reiterated that they brought it to an appropriate screenplay and it's now Snyder's picture. Interesting.

Additionally, that familiar John Williams SUPERMAN theme music is getting dumped -- BATMAN BEGINS and THE DARK KNIGHT composer Hans Zimmer let slip that he'll be scoring the new adventure of the Man of Steel, saying "You are allowed to reinvent, but you have to try to be as good or at least as iconic and it has to resonate and it has to become a part of the zeitgeist."

The search for a new Supes is already happening (recent rumors claim Snyder's WATCHMEN actor Matthew Goode is a contender) while reports say the movie will be more of a Clark Kent story (just somehow in a different way than ten seasons of "Smallville", obviously).

Extra Tidbit: Are you comfortable with Snyder in the filmmaking Fortress of Solitude? Do you want a serious TDK-style Superman, or more exaggerated spectacle?
Source: Hitfix



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