Zack Snyder is officially working on the script for the 300 prequel Xerxes

It was last month that comic creator Frank Miller provided details of XERXES, his prequel to the graphic novel 300. The big question was whether that gore and style-soaked movie's director Zack Snyder would return to bring Miller's work to bloody life again. At the time, Snyder was optimistic: "If the book is awesome and compelling, then, yes, we're interested."

Snyder must have liked what he saw, since he tells the LA Times he's back for more: "We closed the writing deal on XERXES. We started writing about a week ago."

At the moment, Snyder's deal is just for the script, but that doesn't mean he won't be getting back behind the camera for more CG sanguine geysers and overcranking, saying XERXES would be "the same universe visually" as 300, but "It's really going to depend on what the studio wants to do and what we do when we finish; I don't have a directing deal in place but we are writing it, so call it intent."

"This movie follows Themistocles and the Battle of Artemisium, which coincidentally happens on the exact same three days as the Battle of Thermopylae [which was the basis of '300']," Snyder said. "This one starts off with a quick retelling of the why of the Persian wars. It starts off at the Battle of Marathon and then it goes back to Themistocles  finding out that Persians are invading again. and off we go over to learn a little bit about why Xerxes is the way he is."

Snyder is clearly passionate about the material -- he gives a load more of specifics about the story RIGHT HERE. He's currently at Comic Con promoting SUCKER PUNCH, and we'll have more on that for you soon!

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Source: LA Times



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