Zack Snyder wants Man of Steel to be "edgy"

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Anticipation equally balanced by ambivalence currently surrounds Zack Snyder's upcoming MAN OF STEEL like a mass of mall zombies, but until we see more than a single official image from the thing all we can do is sit on our asses, twiddle our thumbs, and wonder just how exactly to interpret details like that which Dylan Sprayberry (who plays a young Clark Kent) revealed in an interview with ClevverTV:

"When Zack [Snyder] and I were talking about it the first time, he was saying how Superman, they want to give it a more edgy feel like 'The Dark Knight' but also make it more realistic and emotional so it’s not just the all-american superhero that saves everyone. He has dilemmas and love and struggles throughout the whole movie, especially when he's a kid."

With a comment like this it'd be so easy to poke fun at Snyder, but I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt because I think I see what he means by it.  He just doesn't want the clean-cut, easy morality that has been the artistic choice of certain Superman stories in the past.  Which makes sense, and I respect that.  Or do you think he means something different and/or doesn't even understand the character of Superman at all?

Dylan Sprayberry

But don't just take Snyder's word for it - you can decide for yourself if this was the right path for Superman when you catch MAN OF STEEL on June 14th, 2013.

Extra Tidbit: Many last names have some meaning from way back when - "Freeman," "Goldman," "Smith," "Baker," and so on. Which makes me wonder what the origins of "Sprayberry" might be.
Source: ClevverTV



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