Zahn is Wimpy

Wimpy Kid book cover

I have absolutely no knowledge whatsoever of the "cartoon" novels know as DIARY OF A WIMPY KID by one Jeff Kinney, but apparently they sold over 20 million copies around the globe, and they DO NOT take basis in my high school "experiences", I've been reassured of that by my mom. So I might just pick up those cute looking little books. 

Fox 2000, who already have picked them up so they can make money a movie out of it have just scored a dad for its titular hero in the form of Steve Zahn. Which is hard to wrap my head around -Zahn as a dad- because I still see him as the inept Glenn Michaels from OUT OF SIGHT. Be that as it may, the goofy guy will flank THE HANGOVER's witchy girldfriend Rachelle Harris as parents to young newcomer Zach Gordon.

Originally hosted on funbrain.com, the first cartoon book follows a tumultuous year in the life of a 7th grader. Filming soon takes place in Hollywood North, AKA Vancouver BC, for an April 2010 release. In the meantime, Zahn will be cozying up to Mila Jovovich in A PERFECT GETAWAY this Friday.

Extra Tidbit: I once caught enormous and painful flak for saying Steve Zahn might be a good Marty McFly... Something I promised myself I would never again even think.
Source: Variety



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