Zahn makes Getaway

While watching CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK on cable for about the 18th time recently (I appreciate that flick more each time I see it), I wondered where director David Twohy disappeared to after that not-hugely-profitable sci-fi effort.

Turns out he's been bringing things down to a much smaller scale from galaxy marauding Necromongers and sun-baked prison worlds. Twohy has a thriller called THE PERFECT GETAWAY in the works, and stoner extraordinaire Steve Zahn just joined the project. Zahn will play the masculine half of a newlywed couple on their Hawaii honeymoon, but they find their frolicking ruined by some murderous hikers. Timothy Olyphant will play one of the killers, complete with a head of post-HITMAN hair.

Although Zahn sort of fell into a tiresome comic-relief rut, he's also extended his range in movies like RESCUE DAWN and SHATTERED GLASS, and he already has some experience getting terrorized thanks to the disembodied voice of Ted Levine in JOY RIDE. "Candy Caaaaaane..."
Extra Tidbit: I'd still love another RIDDICK, even if it's only in videogame or animated form.



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