Zaillian in Gangland

Oscar-winning writer Steve Zaillian is stepping away from the pen for a new film called GANGLAND. It’s going to be from Mandate Pictures, and Nacho Vigalondo is set to direct with Zaillian producing.

The film follows a group of game developers who promise to create the most realistically hardcore video game ever. When doing "research," they end up in the real-life criminal underworld and must somehow make it out alive. Honestly, the premise sounds like a bit much, but I’ll trust Zaillian until he gives me a reason not to. I wish he’d hurry up and get his Americanized version of TIMECRIMES over here though.

With every video game with a Metacritic score above 6 getting a movie deal these days, it only seems logical that a movie ABOUT video game making would come along eventually. The last time we saw that was GRANDMA’S BOY, which chronicles a guy secretly making “Bioshock” "Demonik" in his basement. GANGLAND will hopefully be some sort of humorous, geeky “Grand Theft Auto” parody, and turn out better than it initially sounds.

Extra Tidbit: Lest you forget, Zaillian wrote AMERICAN GANGSTER, GANGS OF NEW YORK and SCHINDLER'S LIST.
Source: THR



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