Zak and the Argonauts

Argo When writer (and occasional director) Zak Penn isn't dealing with superheroes (X-MEN, THE INCREDIBLE HULK) or shuffling poker (THE GRAND), he's dipping into the popular myths of public domain.

Penn will peck at a new big-budget tale of THE ARGONAUTS for Fox, who want to keep the manly fantasy genre robust in the sandaled footsteps of 300.

The movie will dip into the popular Greek lore about a of band of heroic sailors on a quest for the Golden Fleece. The story was famously captured on film in the 1963 movie that featured Ray Harryhausen's animated creatures, including a memorable clash with skeleton warriors.

The new ARGONAUTS joins a boatload of other fantasy and mythology projects like WAR OF GODS, GOD OF WAR, a CLASH OF THE TITANS remake, a bunch of HERCULES movies, a sequel to 300, and another project called THE ARGONAUTS. If only someone would make that crazy script for GLADIATOR 2.

Extra Tidbit: Penn will always get the benefit of the doubt after INCIDENT AT LOCH NESS.
Source: Variety



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