Ze Cannes pictures!!

By day or by night, Cannes provided so much excitement that it beckoned to be captured on film. Not that I really needed an excuse to be snap-happy or excited, it was nearly impossible to resist indulging in the celebrations presented day and night. I made sure to get a little taste of the heaven Cannes had to offer whether it was the beach, theatre, red carpet, celeb extravaganza, yacht party, American Pavillion, or action packed Croisette. I snapped away in hopes of savoring it all.

There were many unbelievably euphoric moments for me although one which went slightly wrong. The overwhelming sense of enthusiasm to see Bono and U2 perform live on the red carpet, brought me a little more adventure than I had anticipated. With the turn of a heel, I demonstrated a lack of superwoman abilities by taking a knee scraping dive across the pavement, and bite into the sidewalk (and yes I was sober!) However, the drama of breaking my tooth wasn’t enough to keep me from jumping back up on my feet to catch U2 in action. On a brighter note, I did find a hot dentist to fix my tooth the next day.

Aside from some minor mishaps, my trip to the French Riviera was magical in every sense. Whether running into the rich and famous on the Croisette or rubbing shoulders with glamorous stars, this was one spectacular experience to be cherished. Yes, I know all you fanboys out there prefer the naughty pictures displayed by JoBlo and the Arrow in previous years, but that is precisely why despite an exhaustive 2 week run at the Cannes film festival, I put forth my efforts in upholding some of their traditions while adding some personal flavor to my memorable trip in French paradise disguised as the Cannes film festival. Hopefully it worked...

Hanging out with Johnny Drama aka Kevin Dillon from "Entourage"

Me and a couple of friends I met in Cannes

The Jessica Simpson yacht party!!

Striking a pose on the Golden Compass red carpet

Norah Jones cutting the ribbon to the American Pavillion

Chillin' with my French friend Sophie

Woo-hoo! Me and Vincent Chase aka Adam Grenier from "Entourage"
Note: We're color coordinated!!

High wasted thong man strikes a pose!

Me on the red carpet leading to the famous Lumiere

Johnny Drama filming a scene from "Entourage" on the beach


The view of Cannes from the top of the Palais

DEATH PROOF VIP party (all the VIPs are in the back, of course)

Inside the DEATH PROOF partee

This is where I bunked for two weeks!!

Show stopping vehicles...

My Blueberry Nights director Wong Kar Wai

Is that Colin Firth? Yes!!

Gigantic insect resembling water vehicle?

Yeah, that's a fuzzy (yet gorgeous) George Clooney!

And yes, that's an even fuzzier (yet very hot) Brad Pitt!!!

Source: JoBlo.com



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