Zhang Ziyi to produce and star in a live-action version of Mulan

The gorgeous Zhang Ziyi will produce and star in the live-action version of the Chinese folktale Mulan. The film will be backed by Disney, but there is no word if the project will be directly based off the 1998 animated film.

If you recall, the story is about a woman warrior, Hua Mulan who impersonates a man to enlist in the army in order to take her elderly father's place to save him from death. When the Huns invade, Mulan proves to be a great warrior and hero to her people. A fellow solider in the army, General Li falls in love with Mulan because of her bravery and helps to protect her identity.

Ziyi has been planning this project for a year and was looking for financial backers during the Cannes International Film Festival. The actress managed to bag Disney who have invested $100 million in the film. Chuck Russell (THE MASK, THE SCORPION KING) has been tapped to helm the project. Wang Lee Hom is currently being circled for the role of General Li.

Eddie Murphy will most likely not be included as little red dragon, Mushu. Did I mention that it will be in 3D? Cause it will.

Extra Tidbit: Will Christina Aguilera came back to re-do her song for the film? I hope not.



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