Zimmer does Warfare?

Talking to someone involved with "Modern Warfare 2" earlier this year, they were remarking how the strategy behind the game and its subsequent marketing was to develop it as if it were a big-budget movie. Hell, I'm looking forward to it as much as any movie that's coming out later this year. You've already seen one trailer for the game (that was edited by The Ant Farm who cut the TRANSFORMERS 2, STAR TREK and HARRY POTTER 6 trailers) and you can expect to see more theatrical trailers for the game in coming months. And now "Modern Warfare" has taken another step closer to being as close to a blockbuster movie as you can get from a video game: an Academy Award winning composer.

Kotaku is reporting that Hans Zimmer, who has been nominated for seven Oscars (and won one for THE LION KING), will compose the score for "Modern Warfare 2." Zimmer, who you may recognize most recently from his DARK KNIGHT score, is extremely selective about what he scores so getting him for a video game is a major coup. Zimmer has never before done video game work though his SIMPSONS MOVIE score was used in that that film's game. "Warfare 2" hits shelves on November 10.

Extra Tidbit: A six-part comic series will be released in conjunction with the game.
Source: Kotaku



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