Zoe Bell is in action

After years of absorbing abuse for other actresses, plucky Kiwi stuntchick Zoe Bell will get front and center for her very own flick.

Bell, last seen riding the hood of a speeding vehicle for giggles in GRINDHOUSE, will star in an as-yet-untitled action movie for Senator Entertainment (who recently released DEATH PROOF to nice figures in Germany). The only info given about the story is that it revolves around a soldier "who returns to an aimless civilian life until she decides to help a young girl in danger, and embarks on the greatest adventure of her life."

The script will come from Sarah Thorp, who also has a project in the works with Neal Moritz (XXX, STEALTH), so I have to assume she knows something about action movies. Bell will be ditching her New Zealand accent to play an American.

You've probably seen bubbly Bell far more than you realize -- besides doubling for Uma Thurman in KILL BILL, she took the bruises for Lucy Lawless on XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS (c'mon, you know you watched it).
Extra Tidbit: Bell's path to Tarantino discovery was chronicled in the stuntwoman documentary DOUBLE DARE.
Source: Variety



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