Zoe Saldana is a cold blooded killer?

While her human form was never on-screen in AVATAR, it was clear Zoe Saldana was set for stardom after that film. After having both THE LOSERS and DEATH AT A FUNERAL open post-AVATAR, the actress has signed on for her first leading role in the action film COLOMBIANA.

Saldana would star in the action-drama as a woman who witnesses her parents' murder in Bogota, Colombia and trains the rest of her life to be an assassin so she can have vengeance. She bides her time as a hitwoman-for-hire while waiting to track down the mobster responsible for her parents' death.

The film will be produced by Luc Besson (TAKEN) and directed by Olivier Megaton (TRANSPORTER 3). While the film isn't yet set up at a studio, Fox has an ongoing relationship with Besson and his Europa Corp. making that a likely destination.

Filming on COLOMBIANA is expected to begin later this summer. Still on Saldana's to-do list down the road include the planned sequels for both AVATAR and STAR TREK.

Extra Tidbit: According to the fellas at Latino Review, Saldana is only the 2nd Latina woman (after Jennifer Lopez) to take the lead in a big studio film.
Source: THR



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