Zombie answers ques.

Halloween Rob Zombie continues his generosity to MySpace denizens on all matters concerning his ongoing re-[insert preferred politically correct term to avoid saying 'remake' here] of HALLOWEEN. With filming nearing completion, he's decided to open the question floodgates and at some point in the future - he may have already as there's already ten pages worth of questions - he'll sift through them all and answer those he deems worthy. Currently, questions range from the practical - 'How long is the movie?" as queried by Mike - to interesting - "Is there going to be a back story on the mask?" as questioned by Veronica - to essential - "How much ass does Michael Myers kick?" as inquired by Kitty - to old school lamo bizarre - "Have you ever danced with the Devil in the pale moon light?" as put forth by the disturbingly cryptically named A Verbal Bloodletting. So go on, ask away RIGHT HERE and see if you make the cut. Zombie's re-something opens August 31st.

Extra Tidbit: The film's fake working title was TRICK OR TREAT.
Source: MySpace



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