Zombieland in 3D?

Tallahassee sets the standard for not to be f*cked with, and that standard might be in 3D for the sequel.

Moviehole got to talk with Ruben Fleischer, who confirmed that Sony is very interested in a sequel to ZOMBIELAND. Fleischer thinks 3D would be a good fit, “The genre really lends itself to 3D." The director wasn't quite sure where the next zombie dominated setting would be, but when they spoke with Woody Harrelson he said he'd like to see it set in Paris or on Broadway. I'm betting he was high at the time.

So when will we get a new set of rules in 3D? "When we crack it." Aside from doing another movie about the walking dead, Fleischer wants to do a romantic comedy. This wouldn't a bad idea, as long as it didn't suck total balls. With the right writers and idea, I'd see a Fleischer rom-com.

ZOMBIELAND was a really fun movie. I really liked the dialogue as well as the cameo. Actually, the cameo was the best part for me. Oddly enough, I squirmed a couple of times during the film as well. The beginning credits were an amazing start. Dare I say they were impressive? Yeah, they were impressive.

Extra Tidbit: Woody Harrelson was arrested for possession of marijuana during film, which cost them a day's shooting.
Source: Moviehole



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