Zombieland TV Spots

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Don't you just love Woody Harrelson in crazy-ass mode? With only a 5-minute appearance he stole WAG THE DOG from under Robert DeNiro and Dustin Hoffman as a psycho ex-marine, and this one looks like one more golden Woody moment at the movies.

ZOMBIELAND is only a few weeks away from release, so TV spots have started to appear and of course we bring them to you right here. They don't offer anything new but reinforce the buzz that it just looks like big ol' fun, even if it's trying a bit to be SHAUN OF THE DEAD in America. Don't care much about that, it's got crazy-ass Woody.

Speaking of Woody, his new comedy DEFENDOR just got picked up by Sony after screening at the Toronto Film Fest. No release date yet, but it's got a distribution deal with a major studio, so Woo-Hoo!

Extra Tidbit: As much as I like woody, I fell asleep half-way through WHITE MEN CAN'T JUMP and never got around to watching it all. Should I?
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