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Kevin James has a wild wild life in the trailer for Zookeeper


Oh, this is just dreadful.

Well, for me it is. Maybe not for someone who is around the age of five. In ZOOKEEPER, Kevin James has a profession that does not impress the woman (Leslie Bibb) that he wants. Persuaded by a friend, James decides that working at a car dealership might increase his chances with his lady. But one crazy night, the animals conspire to keep James at the zoo and offer to help him with his woman troubles. Uh huh....

Basically, Leslie Bibb's character is a golddigging whore that James shouldn't be bothering with and the whole time his hot co-worker (Rosario Dawson) was the right one for him. The animals are happy. Everyone is happy. The end.

Check out the trailer below.

Extra Tidbit: I love Talking Heads, but adding their music to your trailer will not get me to watch you.
Source: Yahoo! Movies



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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