Repossessed - Awfully Good Movies (1990) Linda Blair, Leslie Nielsen








Repossessed - Awfully Good Movies (1990) Linda Blair, Leslie Nielsen

After a long summer’s break, Awfully Good Movies has once again returned for its 100th episode spectacular, and since the new CONJURING spinoff THE NUN is haunting movie theaters this weekend, let’s conjure the spirit of another spiritual horror movie franchise with Linda Blair reprising her Oscar-nominated satanic role from THE EXORCIST alongside Leslie Nielsen in the 1990 spoof movie REPOSSESSED! Yes, not only did Linda Blair have enough of a sense of humor to revisit her infamous pea-soup-spitting performance in an AIRPLANE-style spoof comedy, but she also co-starred alongside the white-haired Canadian character actor-turned-comedic goofball without whom the spoof comedy genre would not exist. But whenever you had Leslie Nielsen starring in a spoof movie without a single Zucker Brother involved, things could get pretty ugly, and it doesn’t get much uglier than REPOSSESSED.

Sure, the idea of an adult Regan MacNeil--or Nancy Aglet, as she’s named here to avoid the wrath of Warner Bros.--having to battle once again with Captain Howdy while managing her stable suburban life with a husband and two kids sounds like an intriguing premise--hell, wasn’t that kind of like the plot of that EXORCIST TV show they just cancelled? But here, it’s just a set-up for the same old EXORCIST jokes you’ve already seen done better involving Richard Pryor or the SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE cast. And while Linda Blair is certainly having fun here, the audience certainly isn’t, especially when you sideline the main plot so Ned Beatty can come into the movie as a Jim Bakker-esque televangelist who wants to broadcast Nancy’s exorcism on live TV. Now this EXORCIST spoof wants to be a scathing satire on televangelism as well, complete with an oddball array of then-famous celebrity cameos (Jake Steinfeld, anyone?) and a bunch of badly delivered punchlines, with the results turning out to be less YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN and more SILENCE OF THE HAMS starring Dom DeLuise. It’s a movie so bad that I don’t think Satan would even want to take credit for its existence. EXORCIST: THE BEGINNING, on the other hand? Oh, yeah...that one was all Pazuzu, baby.

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