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As the summer movie season winds down, our editor-in-chief Mike Sampson put together a list of the winners & losers, we ask you what the "biggest surprise" was for you this summer and we list the top 20 box-office grossers of the past season. Needless to say, the top three were slam-dunks in 1. Toy Story 3 ($408M) 2. Iron Man 2 ($312M) 3. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse ($299M). We will also be switching our beloved DVD CLINIC into THE DIGITAL DORM this month, so stay tuned for those changes. Until then, here's the latest from The JoBlo Movie Network... -- JoBlo


The Back-to-School $4.98 poster sale!

If you've been thinking about adding a few new posters to your place recently, this is probably the best time to buy posters online, as poster sites are lowering their prices by the bucket-load, tossing out coupons like they're going out of style and offering free shipping, etc... Anything to make you buy their posters! is having their annual "Back to School Sale" right now, and they have over 3,300 movie posters
that are less than $4.98, and even a ton of daily $2.98 posters. To save 20% on all purchases, make sure to use our coupon (which we update every month on our Pimpin' Poster Palace) JOBLO9 (valid until September 30th). BUY HERE!




The Pimpin' Poster Palace



Two exploitation films hit theaters over the past few weeks and and Arrow in the Head were there to cover it for you. First up, we interviewed director Alex Aja for PIRANHA 3D, along with the stars of his film including Elisabeth Shue, Jerry O'Connell, hottie Kelly Brook and others. We also hit up the MACHETE junket which featured exclusive interviews with co-director Robert Rodriguez along with stars Jessica Alba, Danny Trejo and Michelle Rodriguez. Check them out below and stay tuned for RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE interviews on the site this coming week...

Movie Fan Central

In case you haven't checked out our awesome movie community yet (Facebook but for movie fans!!), now's your chance to get in on the action big-time! We've just launched our latest version of Movie Fan Central (MFC 2.2), which adds a bunch of cool new features to our little online movie community (61,000 members+). So not only can you make movie friends, write your own reviews, post blogs, images and videos to your profile, upload your DVD/Blu-Ray collection and include your top 10 lists (all free, of course), but we recently added wall comments, fan boxes, top badges for top members and a new array of movie themes that you can choose to skin your profile page. If you want more info on the latest updates, click here, or head on over to the MFC right now and partake in all the action...


1 CAST THIS: The Expendables 2
2 The UNpopular opinion - Terminator: Salvation
3 Piranha 3D producer sticks it to James Cameron
4 Star Wars on Blu-Ray in October 2011
5 Hot or Not: Katy Perry
6 Shia knows what Indiana Jones 5 is about...
7 Bryan Singer dishes details about X-Men: First Class
8 Mila Kunis & Natalie Portman in Black Swan trailer
9 Battle of the "Kirsten" Babes
10 Piranha 3D sequel wants you to choose who dies next!


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