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Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme   Quigles
Domestic Disturbance   Scott Weinberg
Don't Be A Menace... (SE)   Jason Coleman
Down to Earth   Dr. Drew
Dreamer   Jason Coleman
The DUFF   Mathew Plale
Dumb and Dumberer   The Shootin Surgeon
Dungeons & Dragons 2-Film Collection   Jacob Riley
The Eagle   Mathew Plale
Eagle vs. Shark   Mathew Plale
Eat Pray Love   Jason Adams
Echelon Conspiracy   Jason Adams
Elektra   JoBlo
Equals   Sean Wist
Erik the Viking   Sturdy
Evening   Sturdy
Event Horizon   Sturdy
Everly   J.A. Hamilton
Exodus: Gods and Kings   Mathew Plale
The Exorcism of Emily Rose (unrated)   Jason Coleman
Exorcist: The Beginning   Quigles
The Eye   Mathew Plale
Factotum   Sturdy
Family Guy: Partial Terms of Endearment   J.A. Hamilton
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver...   Sturdy
Father of Invention   Stephanie Cooke
The Fifth Estate   Mathew Plale
The Final Destination   Stephanie Cooke
Fire With Fire   J.A. Hamilton
Flicka   Quigles
Fling   Mathew Plale
The Foot Fist Way   Mathew Plale
Frankie Go Boom   Mathew Plale
Free State of Jones   Sean Wist
Freedom Writers   Mathew Plale
Friday the 13th (UR)   Mathew Plale
The Frozen Ground   Mathew Plale
G-Force   Chris Bumbray
Garfield   The Shootin Surgeon
Get Rich or Die Tryin'   Matt Hosack
Ghost Rider   Mathew Plale
Gigli   Indiana Sev
Glass House: The Good Mother   Jason Adams
Glitter   JoBlo
Gods of Egypt   Jason Adams
Godzilla (SE)   Sturdy
Good Kill   Jason Adams
A Good Woman   Jason Adams
A Good Year   Sturdy
Gothika   Indiana Sev
Goya's Ghost   Jason Adams
Gray Matters   Sturdy
The Guilt Trip   J.A. Hamilton
Gulliver's Travels   Chris Bumbray
A Guy Thing   Indiana Sev
Halloween   Sturdy
The Hangover Part III   Jason Adams
Hannibal Rising (UR)   Mathew Plale
Happy Feet Two   Jason Adams
The Hard Corps   Jason Adams
Hardbodies Collection   J.A. Hamilton
The Haunted Mansion   Indiana Sev
Haven   Mathew Plale
He's Just Not That Into You   Sturdy
The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things   Sturdy
Herbie: Fully Loaded   Jason Adams
Hide and Seek   Quigles
High Crimes   Scott Weinberg
Hills Have Eyes (Unrated)   Sturdy
Hitman: Agent 47   Jason Adams
Home   Sturdy
Home of the Brave   Sturdy
The Honeymooners (SE 2005)   Matt Hosack
Hoodwinked   Chris Bumbray
Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil   Stephanie Cooke
The Hottest State   Sturdy
House of 9   Jason Coleman
How Do You Know   J.A. Hamilton
How High   The Arrow
How to Be Single   Sean Wist
How to Deal   The Arrow
Hunt to Kill   Daniel Rohr
The Hunted   Indiana Sev
The Hunter   J.A. Hamilton
I Love Your Work   Jason Coleman
I Spy   Indiana Sev
I, Frankenstein   J.A. Hamilton
The Ice Harvest   Matt Hosack
Illegal Tender   Mathew Plale
IMAX: Deep Sea   Mathew Plale
The Incredible Burt Wonderstone   Mathew Plale
Into The Storm   Jason Adams
Into the Woods   Chris Bumbray
The Invasion   Jason Adams
The Invincible Iron Man   Sturdy
Ironclad   Mathew Plale
It's Complicated   Jason Adams
Jackass 2.5   Mathew Plale
Jane Austen Book Club   Sturdy
Jane Eyre   Mathew Plale
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